Prospects and problems of microforms in libraries

Sridhar, M. S. Prospects and problems of microforms in libraries. Journal of Library and Information Science, 1981, vol. 6, n. 2, pp. 1-15. [Journal article (Paginated)]


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English abstract

Describes how microforms have become inevitable recording media. Defines microform, explains popular types of microforms, concepts and terminologies relating to micrographics, examines the positive roles of microforms, enumerates opportunities and threats posed by microforms, provides a representative list of sources for selection of microform literature and finally emphasises systems approach in designing a "micrographics unit" for a library.

Item type: Journal article (Paginated)
Keywords: microforms, micrographics, microfilm, microfiche
Subjects: H. Information sources, supports, channels. > HF. Microforms.
Depositing user: Dr. M S Sridhar
Date deposited: 04 Dec 2007
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 12:10


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