Information technology and library services : a struggle for happy and healthy partnership

Sridhar, M. S. Information technology and library services : a struggle for happy and healthy partnership., 1995 . In A National Workshop on Impact of Information Technology on Libraries: Souvenir cum proceedings, August 6 - 11, 1995, organized by Karnataka Regional Engineering College, Surathkal and Dakshina Kannada and Kodagu Library Association (R), Udupi, Surathkal, Karnataka, 6-11 August 1995. [Conference paper]


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Explains the meaning and scope of modernisation of library services using Information Technology (IT), indicates the unlimited potential of IT in modernising library services, examines the relation of modernised services to productivity, performance, innovation, etc., identifies a wide gap between what has been said to be possible and feasible in the application of IT on services of Indian Libraries on one hand and achievements in application of IT in modernising library services on the other hand, explores various reasons for such a gap vis-a-vis ways of bridging the gap and overcoming the implimentation and operational difficulties like overexcitement, unclear goals, lack/ inadequacy of management support, resources, self-supporting approach, technology transfer, indegenisation of IT, technology assessment, IT skills in library personnel, and cooperation between IT specialists and library personnel, and under-utilisation of available IT, examines and presents different types oflibrary services under the broad cateogires bibliographic, document delivery, information and instruction services to identify the scope for application of IT together with lack of extensive and proper applications of IT during last two decades in the country, explores the reasons for lack of new and innovative applications of IT ( except marginal and cosmetic applications) services, presents different factors which might cause changes and innovation in library and information services, discusses some anticipated new services and lastly concludes that there are not many significant and optimum applications of IT in library and information services except the external winds of IT which at some places helped achieving speed, efficiency and effectiveness in media and mode of library and information services and points out some prospective areas for improvement and modernisaton of library services using IT.

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: information services, library services, modernisation, information technology, library automation
Subjects: L. Information technology and library technology > LZ. None of these, but in this section.
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