Entry words for Indonesian names

Sulistyo-Basuki, L Entry words for Indonesian names., 2003 . In CONSAL XII Preconference Workshop: Cataloguing: Construction and Control, Jakarta, Indonesia, October 10, 2003. [Conference paper]


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Catalog is a representative of document and Entry Name is one of important part of catalog. For cataloguing purpose, Indonesian librarians used the Peraturan penentuan nama-nama Indonesia (Rules for Indonesian names) published by National Scientific Documentation Centre and recognized as the Indonesian National Standard, first published in 1975 and accepted as one of the Standar Nasional Indonesia or Indonesian National Standard. However it never been revised since its acceptance as a standard although the regulation stated that any standard must be revised every five years. The other cataloguing rule is "Peraturan katalogisasi nama-nama Indonesia" [Cataloging rules for Indonesian names] published by Pusat Pembinaan Perpustakaan (Center for Library Development) in 1976, later on continued by the Indonesian National Library as Peraturan katalogisasi Indonesia (Indonesian cataloguing rules), the last edition is the 4th edition published in 1996 and also never been revised since then. Owing to the different users, usage and dissemination, the "Peraturan penentuan nama-nama Indonesia" is widely used among academic and special libraries as well as becoming the cataloguing standards at various library schools and cited by lecturers for entering Indonesian names in their bibliographies. The author is speaking on behalf of The National Library of Indonesia

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Keywords: Indonesian Names, Cataloguing Rules, Indonesia
Subjects: I. Information treatment for information services > IA. Cataloging, bibliographic control.
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