Research in Librarianship: Challenges, Competencies, and Strategies

Verzosa, Fe Angela M. Research in Librarianship: Challenges, Competencies, and Strategies., 2007 . In PLAI-STRLC Seminar-Workshop on Research in Librarianship, Laguna (Philippines), 9-10 October 2007. (Unpublished) [Conference paper]


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Research in librarianship, particularly within the context of the Philippine situation, is sad to say, very disappointing. Why, because there is really not much to talk about on research in Philippine Librarianship, outside of the realm of graduate work, or research pursued in connection with graduate studies. While our profession has an abundance of well-educated, well-trained professionals, it is sadly lacking in research-oriented librarians. Research has an important role in understanding the needs to which libraries should be responsive, and if librarians need to conduct research in order to better assess the effectiveness of their approaches to delivering library services, then librarians and other LIS professionals, including the agencies responsible for educating them, and their employing institutions, should be more attentive to such a critical activity as library research.

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