Globalization and scholarly communication : a story of Canadian marginalization

Pannekoek, Frits and Clarke, Helen and Waller, Andrew . Globalization and scholarly communication : a story of Canadian marginalization., 2007 In: How Canadians communicate II : media, globalization and indentity. University of Calgary Press, pp. 239-260. [Book chapter]


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This book chapter argues that Canadian academic libraries have largely failed to maximize the opportunity to develop a national information infrastructure. As a result, they operate in an environment where information is often under the control of corporate interests and other nations. For instance, Canadian scholarly communication is affected by American legislation (e.g. The USA PATRTIOT Act) and governmental rulings (e.g. rulings of the Office of Foreign Asset Controls). While some discussion has taken place, there is an overall lack of a national dialogue on how to ameliorate this situation. There is also evidence that access to Canadian digital content within Canada is selective.

Item type: Book chapter
Keywords: scholarly communication, globalization, Canadian intellectual sovereignty, USA PATRIOT Act, OFAC, Office of Foreign Asset Controls
Subjects: E. Publishing and legal issues. > EZ. None of these, but in this section.
D. Libraries as physical collections. > DD. Academic libraries.
H. Information sources, supports, channels. > HP. e-resources.
B. Information use and sociology of information > BF. Information policy
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