Digital library services and their impact with reference to a developing country: The case of Faculty of Health Sciences library, Aga Khan University

Shah, Syed Attaullah and Baig, Shahid Masood and Qureshi, Azra Digital library services and their impact with reference to a developing country: The case of Faculty of Health Sciences library, Aga Khan University., 2005 . In Health Sciences Research Assembly - 2005, Karachi (Pakistan), March 15 - 17, 2005. [Conference poster]

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Introduction. Digital libraries play a vital role in providing more appropriate information in less time with ease of access. A digital library is more near to user’s minds, and paves a bridge between the sea of information and users needs. We explored the new sources and media of information. Material in different formats i.e. audio, video, image etc. especially in CDs are more important to understand medical information. Non-book material i.e. reports, conference papers, introductory material etc. are also very useful to cope with latest developments in the medical field. New services are evaluated by the users of AKU Library by conducting a Users survey; so that the users must be competent in their ability at the point of service to distill data into useful information to access growing information in different formats and to meet the ever increasing patient care needs. As the result of the survey, we could strengthen the systems and services; and the library users will also know and access required information and there is no need to waste time and money both in visiting other libraries to acquire needed information. Objective: The objective of this paper is to discuss the developments in repository, User Interface and Operational systems of the library and its impact on the users. Methodology and Procedural Detail: The purpose of paper is to share the expanding designed models, new developmental practices and their evaluation at AKU library’s services for the digital library. Repository Tier: Two types of repository 1) Store the information about the software agents such as programs and the symbols and identifications of data formats. 2) Store the full text data of library holdings such as audio, video, image, text and further links separately in a server, from the CDs and other recourses. In non-Book material such as the citation of reports, introductory material, conference papers, dissertations etc…by using Informix and SQL server databases running under UNIX and Windows respectively. User Interface Tier: two major types of user interface module are designed according to the search requirements of the users. 1) CD Library, it deals to retrieve data by author, title, keyword etc…form different formats of material such as audio, video, text, image etc…without opening and browsing any CD with the capability of running the full document by using Active Server Pages (ASP). 2) Non-book material, it deals with the documents which were under utilized before this system. By this new system all type of gray and fugitive material can be accessed. For non-book library a separate classification scheme is designed and applied successfully. A manual multi approaches storage and retrieval process system is designed to physically access the material by using different searching tools via material type, subject heading, organization and Call no. (SDI) Service - Operational Tier: In the system the software matches acquiring documents with the users preference and generate and send an email to the selected users. To run this Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) service Informix is using under UNIX. Conclusion: Three major digital services were initiated at Aga Khan University, FHS library during the year 2004, 1) CD library. 2) Non-book material and 3) SDI Service. After few months use of these new electronic services; a survey of library users was conducted. As the result of survey, we evaluated new services and collected statistics of increasing number of users of digital contents. Benefits for health practitioners, students and researchers, and some problems with suggestions are also discussed.

Item type: Conference poster
Keywords: Digital Library, CD Library, Non-book Material, SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information) Services, User Services
Subjects: L. Information technology and library technology > LQ. Library automation systems.
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