Recognizing Best Practice in Portuguese Higher Education Libraries

Melo, Luiza Baptista and Pires, Cesaltina and Taveira, Ana Recognizing Best Practice in Portuguese Higher Education Libraries. IFLA Journal, 2008, vol. 34, n. 1, pp. 34-50. [Journal article (Paginated)]


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English abstract

The purpose of this paper is to identify best practices in order to improve the quality of services in Portuguese academic libraries. This article describes an ongoing project to assess the performance of library services, resulting from a partnership of six Portuguese higher education libraries. The study has three main steps: (1) selection of criteria to be evaluated and selection of their corresponding performance indicators; (2) data collection and analysis; (3) identification of best practices. The selection of the criteria to be evaluated is based on a mixed model combining the Common Assessment Framework and the Balanced Scorecard. The associated performance indicators are in accordance with International Standards ISO 11620:1998 and ISO 2789:2006.

Item type: Journal article (Paginated)
Keywords: benchmarking; academic libraries; performance assessment; Portugal
Subjects: A. Theoretical and general aspects of libraries and information.
Depositing user: Luiza Baptista Melo
Date deposited: 05 Oct 2008
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 12:12


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