Library information services in the digital age

Mayega, Stephen Library information services in the digital age., 2008 . In Fourth Shanghai International Library Forum (SILF 2008), Shanghai (China), 20-22 October 2008. [Conference paper]

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Library information services are a key element in libraries since the ancient times. Their vital role is increasingly becoming a measure of the library’s contribution to the transformation and development of a society and the nation at large. The use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) has caused a transformation in the users’ perception from what is being hosted in the library to how and when services are rendered to fulfill their requests. Consequently, libraries are becoming less important for the material they collect or house. Instead, their importance is being measured in respect to the fulfillment of the users’ requests. The movement of material from publishers and hosting them for "just in case" some users will need them is being replaced by delivering materials from publishers “just in time” to answer the user’s needs. However, this transformation has brought a challenge in the field of library information services of dealing with the ever-increasing complexity of information, differentiating useful information from mis-information, and upholding the rising needs expectations of the users. This paper will discuss the available technological opportunities that can be used by the library information services in addressing such challenges.

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: library, library services, ICT, digital age, library transformation
Subjects: I. Information treatment for information services > IG. Information presentation: hypertext, hypermedia.
Depositing user: Stephen Mayega
Date deposited: 17 Dec 2008
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