Predictions for the Future World of Work: Challenges for Information Professionals

Ashcroft, Linda Predictions for the Future World of Work: Challenges for Information Professionals., 2008 . In 17th annual BOBCATSSS symposium (Bobcatsss 2009), Porto (Portugal), 28-30 January 2009. (Unpublished) [Conference paper]


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There are challenges for the new information professional. In recent years technological development and changes in the quantity of and access to information has influenced the nature of information work. Predictions for the future include the ‘cybrarian’. Yet various studies demonstrate the continuing need for a physical place which plays a vital role in the informal gathering of community members. While traditional library support functions may continue, there are many changes to the nature of place, particularly to become also a welcoming environment with access to food drink, group areas, computers and events and a place that is almost always open. The development of the physical library according to changing needs brings another skills challenge for the information professional. A current trend for the profession is the growth of consortia partnerships between various libraries for best provision of resources. Other partnerships and collaborative initiatives are now also evident, such as joint use libraries, and partnerships between libraries and other agencies for the provision of services, such as life long learning. Thus information professionals will need to continue to develop alliance building and political skills to be successful. Leadership will become more important to the profession. The leader of the future will be more than a good manager or someone who has attended the right courses. A leader must have experience, vision, integrity and an understanding of the potential of the organisation and the people within it, desiring to take his/her place as part of the profession.

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: future opportunities, information professional, leadership in libraries, librarianship skills, partnership, professional development, technological developments
Subjects: L. Information technology and library technology
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