Celebrating Diversity, Welcoming the World: Developing Chinese Webpage at Rutgers University Libraries

Lo, Mei Ling and Sun, Li and Womack, Ryan and Wu, Connie and Yang, Tao Celebrating Diversity, Welcoming the World: Developing Chinese Webpage at Rutgers University Libraries., 2009 [Preprint]


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English abstract

Growing out of a recent project to create multilingual online Welcome pages at Rutgers University Libraries, this paper describes the project, from its origin to the public release of the first group of webpages, with a special emphasis on the development of the Chinese document. To provide a theoretical background, existing library science studies of international students are reviewed selectively. A number of relevant linguistic and technological issues encountered in the project are discussed in detail, which may be helpful to librarians undertaking similar projects. As the trend of multiculturalism and internationalization continues in the U.S. higher education institutions and academic libraries, this project can be considered as a new way to provide practical help to international students and scholars, as well as a significant step forward to engage local and global communities.

Item type: Preprint
Keywords: International students, translation, multilingual webpages
Subjects: C. Users, literacy and reading.
Depositing user: Tao Yang
Date deposited: 12 May 2009
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 12:14
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