Developing Information Services for Special Library Users by Designing a Low Cost Digital Library: The Experiment of NOC-Digital Library

UNSPECIFIED Developing Information Services for Special Library Users by Designing a Low Cost Digital Library: The Experiment of NOC-Digital Library., 2010 [Conference proceedings]


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This research originates from a belief that special libraries in developing countries need to modernise and implement their ICT infrastructure and articulate information policies that will facilitate the exploitation of information resources to the optimum to increase national productivity. Special libraries and information centres in developing countries in general and in the Arab world in particular should start building their local digital libraries, as the benefit of establishing such electronic services is considerably massive and well known for expansion of research activities and for delivering services that satisfy the needs of targeted users. The aim of this paper is to provide general guideline for design a low cost digital library providing services that are most frequently required by various categories of special library users in developing countries. This paper also aims at illustrating strategies and method approaches that can be adopted for building such projects. The paper intends to describe the phases and stages implemented for building a low cost digital library services for the NOC. It also aims at highlighting the barriers and obstacles facing Arabic content in the digitization stage.

Item type: Conference proceedings
Keywords: Digital libraries, Electronic library services, Open source software
Subjects: L. Information technology and library technology
Depositing user: Ramadan Elaiess
Date deposited: 31 Mar 2010
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