Librarians and Open Access: the case of E-LIS

Darries, Fatima Librarians and Open Access: the case of E-LIS., 2010 . In The Future is Now: new roles and relationships for academic libraries, University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa, 17-18 May 2010. (Unpublished) [Presentation]


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The literature abounds with information on Open Access. Librarians rally to the cause as part of our responsibility of providing access to information. But what are librarians doing to further the cause of Open Access in their own discipline? E-LIS, short for Eprints in Library and Information Science, aims to further the Open Access philosophy by making available papers in LIS and related fields. It is a free-access international repository and archive, in line with the Free Online Scholaship movement (FOS) and the Eprints movement. E-LIS was originally founded by Jose’Manuel Barrueco, Antonella De Robbio, Thomas Krichel and Imma Subirats Coll in 2003. E-LIS relies on the voluntary work of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. There are 64 editors from 42 countries across the world. The country editors for South Africa is Fatima Darries and Wynand van der Walt. The purpose of the E-LIS archive is to make full texts documents visible, accessible, harvestable, searchable and useable by any potential user with access to the Internet. Librarians can search and archive their own publications and presentations in E-LIS free of charge. E-LIS puts at the disposal of the LIS community not only metadata, but also full text documents which are freely visible, searchable, accessible, retrievable and using the full potential of the Internet. E-LIS is for librarians and its librarians who use it thereby improving knowledge of the building and management of open archives, working practically in the field within the framework of Open Digital Libraries. It provides a platform to test and see how an open archive works and what its capabilities are. Not only does it promote open archives in various disciplinary environments, but also create a valid and credible model in our own discipline for the building of a world LIS archive. E-LIS promotes self-archiving in LIS (not only in E-LIS) and offer an open archive to authors without acces to an institutional repository. And to those who do have an institutional repository it offers the added advantage of an archive that is discipline specific to LIS and increases the visibility for authors in a global respository. E-LIS allows for the establish of a base for communal work between librarians information technology professionals, and to enhance the Open Access movement E-LIS is the first international e-server in this subject area and resulted from the RCLIS (Research in Computing, Library and Information Science) project and the DoIS (Documents in Information Science), promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and hosted by AEPIC team on machines of the Italian Consorzio Interuniversitario Lombardo per Elaborazione Automatica (CILEA). There are currently more than 9000 e-prints (research, articles and presentations) in the E-LIS archive. Having established its reputation as a credible repository, it is now also a source of information and has several, although basic, search options.

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