Winisis, herramienta para bibliotecarios

Giordanino, Eduardo Pablo Winisis, herramienta para bibliotecarios. Referencias, 1998, vol. 3, n. 3, pp. 117-119. [Journal article (Paginated)]


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English abstract

The major features of the Winisis software are: a) the handling of variable length records, fields and sub fields, thus saving disk space and making it possible to store greater amounts of information; b) the handling of repeatable fields; c) a data base definition component allowing the user to define the data to be processed for a particular application; d) a data entry component for entering and modifying data through user-created data base specific worksheets; e) an information retrieval component using a powerful search language providing for field-level and proximity search operators, in addition to the traditional and/or/not operators, as well as free-text searching; f) a powerful sort and report generation facility allowing the user to easily create any desired printed products, such as catalogues, indexes, directories, etc.; g) a data interchange function based on the ISO 2709 international standard used by leading data base producers; h) an integrated application programming language (CDS/ISIS Pascal and the ISIS_DLL), allowing the user to tailor the software to specific needs; i) functions allowing the user to build relational data bases, though CDS/ISIS is not based over a relational model; j) powerful hypertext functions allow to design complex user interfaces. A Windows interface between CDS/ISIS and IDAMS, the UNESCO software for statistical analysis, has also been developed. CDS/ISIS for Windows was created as a multi-lingual software, providing integrated facilities for the development of local linguistic versions. Thus, although UNESCO distributes only the English, French and Spanish versions of the package, user-developed versions exist in virtually all languages, including special versions which UNESCO helped in developing, for Arabic, Chinese and Korean. The paper briefly describes: Funcionalities; Context: the ISIS Family; Winisis tomorrow; Handbook for Winisis' instructors

Spanish abstract

Describe las posibilidades y aplicaciones de la versión oficial de Winisis, que introduce las ventajas del conocido Microisis en el entorno Windows y agrega varias nuevas. Finalmente enumera los distintos desarrollos que componen la familia isis a los cuales Winisis está integrado.

Item type: Journal article (Paginated)
Keywords: CDS/ISIS for Windows; Winisis; CDS/ISIS; non-numerical information storage and retrieval software; UNESCO; CDS/ISIS para Windows; almacenamiento de información no numérica y software de recuperación
Subjects: L. Information technology and library technology > LN. Data base management systems.
Depositing user: Eduardo Pablo Giordanino
Date deposited: 04 Oct 2010
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