The Digital Critical Edition of Fragments : Theoretical Problems and Technical Solutions

UNSPECIFIED The Digital Critical Edition of Fragments : Theoretical Problems and Technical Solutions., 2011 (In Press) [Conference proceedings]


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The process of creating a digital critical edition of fragmentary texts is also a valuable op- portunity to look at the nature of such texts under a new light. This paper contains some reflections about how the nature of fragments can be more appropriately represented in a digital critical edition and what challenges this task poses.

Item type: Conference proceedings
Keywords: digital edition, literary fragments, Greek historians
Subjects: I. Information treatment for information services
I. Information treatment for information services > ID. Knowledge representation.
I. Information treatment for information services > IG. Information presentation: hypertext, hypermedia.
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Date deposited: 28 Apr 2011
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16 The First thousand years of Greek < kyears> is currently the main example of such projects.

Cotticelli.2a:. 11-02-2011 10:33 Pagina 157

The digital critical edition of fragments theoretical problems 157

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