Sharing agricultural events information: When and where is that workshop?

Salokhe, Gauri and Valeria, Pesce and Magnus, Grylle and Mikkola, Eero and Keizer, Johannes and Maru, Ajit Sharing agricultural events information: When and where is that workshop?, 2008 . In IAALD World Congress, Tokyo (Japan), 24-27 August 2008. [Conference paper]

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In the last few years a strong need has emerged for a standard way to interchange various types of information, such as on organizations, projects, experts, events and news, in the agricultural community. This paper focuses on the metadata set for events, the Agricultural Events Application Profile (Ag-Events AP), created specifically to enhance description, exchange and reuse of information on events. The Ag-Events AP provides a minimum interoperability layer through which information about upcoming events related to agriculture can be described, shared and reused. The Ag-Events AP was developed by FAO, in collaboration with its partners, the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) and Global Forest Information Service (GFIS), to offer a “minimum” set of metadata elements necessary to share quality descriptions about events. This paper talks about the work done on creating the AP, its use in various applications and the next steps.

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Keywords: FAO, AIMS, FAOAIMS, IAALD,Application Profile
Subjects: I. Information treatment for information services
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