D7.1.2 Revised specifications of user requirements for the Fisheries, case study

Iglesias Sucasas, Marta and Caracciolo, Caterina and Baldassarre, Claudio and Jaques, Yves D7.1.2 Revised specifications of user requirements for the Fisheries, case study., 2008 [Report]

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English abstract

This document revises and updates the user requirements for the Fisheries case study (WP7) originally prepared in D7.1.1 (in M7). As highlighted in the introduction (Chapter 1), the purpose of this deliverable, 22 months after the launch of the NeOn project, is to refine the user requirements for the WP7 case study. This refinement of the user requirements is also meant to enhance the alignment of the case study with the NeOn project and better contribute to it as a whole. The user requirements for the Fisheries ontologies lifecycle management system are presented in Chapter 2. This chapter also includes an updated description of user’s roles and requirements for ontology engineers and ontology editors. The requirements for the FSDAS are revisited in Chapter 3. That chapter covers the general characteristics of the FSDAS (i.e., its scope, perspective, features), the refinement and extension of the functional requirements, its foreseen user types, and a number of user interface issues and non-functional requirements. Conclusions are presented in Chapter 4. This deliverable also includes five annexes with additional detailed information. Annex A provides a summary of the requirements presented in Chapter 2, together with their mapping to the NeOn architecture. Annex B traces all changes to requirements, scenarios and uses cases from D7.1.1 until now. Annex C consists of tables that are meant to help the reader trace the changes (modifications/refinements) with respect to the requirements presented in D7.1.1 and D7.5.1. Finally, Annex D and Annex E list the revised use cases and the new use cases for FSDAS respectively.

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