Repercusión de las especialidades de enfermería en las bibliotecas de hospital

Osorio-Calles, Francisco-Javier and De-la-Cámara-De-las-Heras, Juan-María and Muñoz-Martín, Beatriz and González-Latorre, Teresa Repercusión de las especialidades de enfermería en las bibliotecas de hospital., 2011 . In XIV Jornadas Nacionales de Información y Documentación en Ciencias de la Salud, Cádiz, 13-15 de Abril. (Unpublished) [Conference paper]

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In 2008 by royal decree article 20, of law 44/2003, for the management of health professionals was implemented. The law covers among other things multi/professional teaching units in the form of: 1.- Multidisciplinary specialties: namely those specialties for witch studentes can attedn at different stages. 2.- Related specialties: specialties namely those that affect health care care related fields. These multidisciplinary teaching units, like all postgraduate teaching units will be recognized by the ministry of Health according to the procedure laid dowwn in Article 263 of law 44/2003 in accordance with the general and specific requirements approved by the Ministries of Health and Consumer Education for each of the specilaties that are in them. The multidisciplinary nature teaching units listed in appendix II of Royal Decree 183/2008, specialists will train nurses. Several papers published by the ministry of health and social policy in 2009-2010 approve and support the training programs for the specialties of geriatric nursing, pediatric, family and community medicine. We sought to determine whether the rules governing the training programs had relevant impact on hospital libraries that have multidisciplinary teaching units. A second aspect of analysis is the consistency of the training programs forecasts with teacher certification requirements adopted jointly by the minisries of education and health. Methods: The description of courses is published in the official bulletin of the ministry of health to approve the training progrmas of nursing specialties and the criteria for accreditation of teaching units are avaible on the ministry website of the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality. Conclusions: From the information obained it is to be concluded that: Some training programs related to nursing specialties say that in recent times guidance has been received from the library staff. Most qualification requirements make some teachers refer to the library and its staff. The existence in the Multidisciplinary teaching Units Hospital appendix II of royal decree 183/2008 has an impact, at least formally, on hospital libraries and library resources. References to libraries and their resources in these rules are vague, unsystematic uncoordinated and technically flawed. There is a need advice librarian national councils and ministries specialties in this field.

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: Nurses, Nurse practitioners, Libraries medical, Libraries hospital, Libraries nursing, Teaching
Subjects: B. Information use and sociology of information > BH. Information needs and information requirements analysis.
Depositing user: XIV Jornadas Nacionales de Información y Documentación en Cienci Bibliosalud 2011
Date deposited: 15 Jul 2011
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