One Hundred Occupations for Librarians: New Organizational Posts in Libraries and Information Centers

Mansourian, Yazdan One Hundred Occupations for Librarians: New Organizational Posts in Libraries and Information Centers. Faslnameh Ketab: Majalle Motaleate Melli Ketabdari va sazmandehi e ettelaat, 2011, vol. 22, n. 3, pp. 88-103. [Journal article (Paginated)]


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English abstract

Purpose: (ICT) on the Library and Information Science (LIS) job market. This research introduced new LIS career opportunities available according to recruitment advertisements. The present study aimed to review the effect of information and communication technologies Design/ Methodology/Approach: methodology. In a purposive sampling, 100 recruitment advertisements for librarians were selected and analyzed. The result was a sample of job opportunities for librarians at universities and scientific centers in English-speaking countries presented on the internet. This study had a qualitative approach and used content analysis. Findings: examples were presented for each group. These groups are: professional posts/ occupations traditionally common in librarianship (16 titles), innovative posts associated with new technologies (23 titles), educational posts (13 titles), research posts (8 titles), special posts in subject librarianship (20 titles), posts in special library services (14 titles) and posts related to special information resources (6 titles). The job opportunities reviewed in this study were divided into seven groups and some Conclusion: and many new job opportunities have been created for LIS professionals. In addition, the range of the posts that librarians may occupy has become considerably larger. Furthermore, while new organizational posts have been introduced, the common and traditional jobs of librarians have not been excluded from the job market. The development of new technologies has had a positive effect on the LIS job market

Item type: Journal article (Paginated)
Keywords: LIS job market, Job opportunities, Organizational posts for librarians, Entrepreneurship in LIS
Subjects: A. Theoretical and general aspects of libraries and information. > AA. Library and information science as a field.
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حرّي، عباس؛ قاضي ميرسعيد، سيدجواد ) « .)1386 تأثير عوامل دروني بر نگرش کتابداران و اطلا عرسانان

پزشکي کشور نسبت به جايگاه آنان در آينده حرفه ». فصلنامه مديريت سلام ، ت 10 ) 30 (: 51 - 58 .

خورشيد، ظهيرالدين ) « .)1385 تأثير فناوري اطلاعات بر مقتضيات و شرايط شغلي فهرس تنويسان ». ترجمه

رامين صولتي. علوم و فناوري اطلاعا ، ت 21 ) 3(: 125 - 139 .

رحيمي، فروغ ) « .)1388 نگاهي به تحليل رفتگي شغلي يا سندرم برن اوت و حضور آن در حرفه کتابداري .»

فصلنامه کتا ، ب 20 ) 1(: 289 - 302 .

کهن، فرحناز ) « .)1384 رضايت شغلي کتابداران کتابخان ههاي ايران ». فصلنامه کتا ، ب 16 ) 1(: 63 - 78 .

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