Effectiveness of Course-Integrated and Repeated Library Instruction on Library Skills of Education Students

Beile, Penny Effectiveness of Course-Integrated and Repeated Library Instruction on Library Skills of Education Students. Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences, 2003, vol. 40, n. 3, pp. 271-277. [Journal article (Paginated)]


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Given the investment in librarian time and energy and faculty and student time constraints, it was deemed important to assess effectiveness of course-integrated library instruction, and more specifically, whether repeated library instruction has a cumulative effect on student learning. As such, students who began the study with no prior library instruction experience (n=45) were contrasted with students who had completed a library walking tour and worksheet (n=34) and with those who had attended previous course-integrated library instruction (n=27). A pre-test/post-test research design was utilized, with course-integrated library instruction as treatment. Analysis indicated a statistically significant difference (dependent t(105)=2.18, p<.05) between pre-test (M=49.43, SD=19.24) and post-test (M=77.69, SD=14.64) scores. However, an analysis of variance (ANOVA) revealed students with no prior library instruction experience did not significantly differ from those who completed a walking tour and worksheet or those who attended a prior course-integrated library instruction session (F(2,103)=1.63, p=.2).

Item type: Journal article (Paginated)
Keywords: library instruction, library tutorial, assessment, teaching efficacy
Subjects: B. Information use and sociology of information > BA. Use and impact of information.
C. Users, literacy and reading. > CB. User studies.
C. Users, literacy and reading. > CE. Literacy.
D. Libraries as physical collections. > DD. Academic libraries.
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