Information Transfer in the Agricultural Sector in Spain

Muñoz-Cañavate, Antonio and Hípola, Pedro Information Transfer in the Agricultural Sector in Spain. Journal of Agricultural & Food Information, 2010, vol. 11, n. 2. [Journal article (Unpaginated)]


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English abstract

This article examines the structures of information transfer to the agricultural (production) and gro-alimentary (transformation and commercialization of the products) sector within Spain. An historical perspective is provided to better illustrate the reality and complexity of Spain with regard to the systems of agrarian extension, agricultural research, the resources provided by Spain’s central administration, and the use of information by related enterprises. The Service of Agrarian Extension appeared in Spain in the 1950s, and new political-administrative structures (agribusiness associations, cooperatives) were founded when Spain became a democratic nation in the late 1970s and with the arrival of electronic information, largely in the 1990s. We describe the research and technological centers supporting innovation in the agro-alimentary sector and the communication media dedicated to the agricultural sector. The article illustrates that the systems of agricultural information in Spain have been largely derived from initiatives of the Public Administration, with few private initiatives.

Item type: Journal article (Unpaginated)
Keywords: Agro-alimentary sector, Information transfer, Service of Agrarian Extension, Spain
Subjects: G. Industry, profession and education. > GA. Information industry.
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Date deposited: 12 Jul 2012
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