Information Seeking Behavior and Needs of Women Parliamentarians of Pakistan: A Case Study

Shaheen, Maqsood Ahmad and Arif, Muhammad and Naqvi, Syeda Bushra Nazli Information Seeking Behavior and Needs of Women Parliamentarians of Pakistan: A Case Study. Chinese Librarianship: an International Electronic Journal, 2013, vol. 35. (In Press) [Journal article (Unpaginated)]


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English abstract

This study probes into the information needs and seeking behavior of women parliamentarians in the 12th National Assembly of Pakistan during 2002 through 2007. It attempts to answer some of the questions raised on women’s political participation in the parliament and their information habits and needs by analyzing their preferred sources used in preparing for speeches, resolutions, bills, and laws. It also measures their information and communication technology skills. The study gauges their dependence and perception about the National Assembly Library and other sources of information available and suggests possible means by which information services to parliamentarians can be further enhanced. The findings of this study may present aspects which have never before been considered by researchers in trying to meet women parliamentarians’information needs.

Item type: Journal article (Unpaginated)
Keywords: Information seeking habits; Women-parliamentarians; women-legislatures; National Assembly of Pakistan; Pakistan
Subjects: B. Information use and sociology of information > BA. Use and impact of information.
B. Information use and sociology of information > BH. Information needs and information requirements analysis.
Depositing user: Maqsood Shaheen
Date deposited: 28 Jan 2013 17:07
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 12:25


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