Transformation of the Scholarly Communication Cycle

Sawant, S. S. Transformation of the Scholarly Communication Cycle. Library Hi Tech News, 2012, vol. 29, n. 10. [Journal article (Unpaginated)]

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Purpose: The present article aims to explore the changes taking place over time in the scholarly communication process. Design/methodology/approach: With the help of available literature the traditional scholarly communication process is compared and contrasted with open access driven scholarly communication process/model. Findings: It has been observed that the Web 2.0 has affected the way knowledge is created and disseminated. Also the new avenues of peer review process is taking place, which is an integral part of scholarly communication process. The article ends with the future of scholarly communication and the challenges ahead. Originality/value: The present paper attempts to summarize the scholarly communication process from two different perspectives i.e. traditional and open access driven.

Item type: Journal article (Unpaginated)
Keywords: Scholarly communication, Open Access, Open Archives, Open access journals, Web 2.0
Subjects: E. Publishing and legal issues.
Depositing user: Dr. Sarika Sawant
Date deposited: 28 Mar 2013 02:46
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 12:25


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