Linked-OWL : A new approach for dynamic linked data service workflow composition

Ahmad, Hussien and Dowaji, Salah Linked-OWL : A new approach for dynamic linked data service workflow composition., 2013 [Newspaper/magazine article]

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The shift from Web of Document into Web of Data based on Linked Data principles defined by Tim Berners-Lee posed a big challenge to build and develop applications to work in Web of Data environment. There are several attempts to build service and application models for Linked Data Cloud. In this paper, we propose a new service model for linked data "Linked-OWL" which is based on RESTful services and OWL-S and copes with linked data principles. This new model shifts the service concept from functions into linked data things and opens the road for Linked Oriented Architecture (LOA) and Web of Services as part and on top of Web of Data. This model also provides high level of dynamic service composition capabilities for more accurate dynamic composition and execution of complex business processes in Web of Data environment.

Item type: Newspaper/magazine article
Keywords: Linked data; Linked Data Services; Dynamic Workflow; OWL-S; RDF; SPARQL
Subjects: I. Information treatment for information services > ID. Knowledge representation.
I. Information treatment for information services > IE. Data and metadata structures.
L. Information technology and library technology > LC. Internet, including WWW.
Depositing user: Hussien Ahmad
Date deposited: 25 Jun 2013 09:22
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 12:26


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