Mexico and Latin America: Their Progress in Globalizing Information Services

Lau, Jesús Mexico and Latin America: Their Progress in Globalizing Information Services., 1998 . In American Library Association (ALA) 1998 Annual Conference, Washington, DC, June 25 - July 1. [Conference paper]

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English abstract

Information development in Latin America has evolved, despite the costly economic, social and political adjustments carried out in most countries in the last two decades. New open market policies and technological developments has helped the region to increase their links with the rest of the world. Libraries can now use faster and more reliable telephone services and can acquire computer and network technology with less import barriers. Information demand is assumed to be greater in quality and quantity, due to greater information awareness. An overview of the information globalization progress in Latin America is given in this paper, focusing on Mexico, which is one of the major economies in the region with a leading role in information development.

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Keywords: Information development, Information Services, Libraries, Latin America
Subjects: G. Industry, profession and education.
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