Comparative Analysis of Search Features of Scopus and Web of Science

Gireesh Kumar, TK Comparative Analysis of Search Features of Scopus and Web of Science., 2013 . In : National Conference on Information Products and Services in the E- environment (NACINPROSE 2013), Hyderabad, India, 27-28 April 2013. [Conference paper]

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English abstract

The paper examines the search functionalities of two commonly used abstracting and citation analysis databases Scopus and Web of Science. Objective fo the study is to give a comparative evaluation of search features, interface accessibilities, facilities and differentials in searching options of both the databases for researchers to help them choose the database according to their informational needs. Also highlights the uniqueness in the searching characteristics of both Scopus and Web of Science databases

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: Scopus; Web of Science; WoS; Search Interface; Citation analysis database
Subjects: B. Information use and sociology of information > BA. Use and impact of information.
H. Information sources, supports, channels.
H. Information sources, supports, channels. > HL. Databases and database Networking.
H. Information sources, supports, channels. > HP. e-resources.
Depositing user: Haridas N H
Date deposited: 18 Jul 2013 05:42
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 12:26


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