A Framework for knowledge sharing and interoperability in agricultural research for development

Caracciolo, Caterina and Johannes, Keizer A Framework for knowledge sharing and interoperability in agricultural research for development., 2011 . In Third Knowledge Technology Week, Kajang (Malaysia), 18-22 July 2011. [Conference paper]

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In an ideal world all data would be produced using open formats and would be linked directly to other related data on the web. This would give the possi-bility for service providers to set up information systems by mixing and matching data from different distributed repositories. A scenario like this is no science fiction. Nev-ertheless most data (of all kinds) resides in database and repository silos, and efforts to create one stop access to distributed data lack functionalities, robustness or sustain-ability. The CIARD initiative1 is working to make agricultural research information publicly available and accessible to all, by acting on both those issues. Among its actions are advocating and promoting open access, improving applicability and ena-bling effective use of data and information in agricultural research and innovation. In this paper we present the CIARD initiative and concentrate on FAO’s contribution to it. We present the Linked Data approach, the vocabulary editor VocBench, the do-main specific tagger AgroTagger and the RING registry of services and tools.

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: Interoperability, Information sharing, CIARD, FAO, Linked Data,FAO AIMS, AIMS
Subjects: I. Information treatment for information services > IC. Index languages, processes and schemes.
I. Information treatment for information services > ID. Knowledge representation.
I. Information treatment for information services > IF. Information transfer: protocols, formats, techniques.
Depositing user: Thembani Malapela
Date deposited: 08 Jan 2014 14:04
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 12:29
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10760/21105


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