Cui prodest libraries authority work?

Turbanti, Simona Cui prodest libraries authority work?, 2014 . In Faster, Smarter and Richer. Reshaping the library catalogue, Roma (Italy), 27-28 February 2014. (Unpublished) [Presentation]


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Eleven years are passed since the International Conference on Authority Control took place in Florence and the today meeting give us the possibility to look at the current state of the traditionally most relevant activity in library life, the authority control. It is known that the functionality of a catalog without syndetic structure is limited, for this reason in the 70Th several authorities archives doing a connection with bibliographic data have been developed. The main authority control standard is UNIMARC Authorities, developed in 1991 from IFLA, and in 2009 at its third edition (with the updates of 2012); it gives the possibility to organise and structure analytically the authority data. But in spite of it analysis capacity this format is not so used in the world’s authority archives. We will examine some examples of authority files local, national and international, based on UNIMARC Authorities to explore the potentiality of the format. In the second part of the speech we will face the downside of authority archives being. They present inadequate advantages for users. It is not possible to do a complex research, for example it is not possible to select an author starting from sex, or languages used in writing or starting from the period they are operative, although if these informations are present and codified with the right etiquette in the database. Therefore, to one side we have authority data well structured in codified fields and we are not able to capitalize on it, on the other side our authority files are not enough competitive in information if we compare with the data sources of Wikipedia or similar. It is time to ask ourselves if it is worth to still invest time and resources in the complex construction and maintenance of the authorities archives. Are we sure that the instrument, as it stands now, is useful in the world of the web 2.0 in continuous evolution? If yes the question is: how can we improve the authorities archives? What is the best way to reshape this instrument? In the last part of the speech we can try to answer together to this questions about the future of the authority control in library field.

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Keywords: authority control, authority file, UNIMARC Authorities format
Subjects: I. Information treatment for information services > IA. Cataloging, bibliographic control.
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