PROM-OPEN: Promoting open science in an on-line e-learning environment

López-Borrull, Alexandre PROM-OPEN: Promoting open science in an on-line e-learning environment., 2014 . In 6th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, Barcelona (Spain), 7-9 July 2014. [Conference paper]

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English abstract

Science has changed due to the arising of the Internet and Information and Communication Technologies. These changes includes the Open movement, regarding all the aspects in methodology and diffusion on Information and Knowledge, like Open Access and Open Science. Considering Education, efforts should be done for taking into account how these new ideas and skills are transferred to Bachelor students. Experiences in the University Oberta de Catalunya, an on-line e-learning environment, are described.

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: Open Access, Open Educational Resources, e-learning, competences, UOC, Open Science.
Subjects: E. Publishing and legal issues. > ED. Intellectual property: author's rights, ownership, copyright, copyleft, open access.
G. Industry, profession and education. > GH. Education.
Depositing user: Dr Alexandre López-Borrull
Date deposited: 23 Jul 2014 08:52
Last modified: 02 Oct 2014 12:32


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