Open Source Software Use in Indian Libraries: A Survey.

S, Jasimudeen and V, Vimal Kumar and VV, Biju Open Source Software Use in Indian Libraries: A Survey. International Journal of Advanced Research in Management and Social Sciences, 2014, vol. 3, n. 9. [Journal article (Unpaginated)]

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The term “Open Source” is a trending topic at present among LIS professionals in India. Open Source applications in libraries progressed as a matter of serious discussion among the library professionals. Stakeholders of Indian Library sector now a day’s realize the advantages of embracing Open Source softwares. This Paper attempts to find out the usage of Open Source software in Indian Libraries. It is found that there is a positive attitude from the part of library professionals towards the acceptance of Open Source softwares.The study also underscores the necessity of orientation Programmes for making Professionals more familiar for adoption of Open Source software in libraries.

Item type: Journal article (Unpaginated)
Keywords: Open Source, India
Subjects: L. Information technology and library technology
L. Information technology and library technology > LD. Computers.
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Date deposited: 08 Oct 2014 12:37
Last modified: 08 Oct 2014 12:37


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