Public Libraries in Pokhara Valley: their servces and users' satisfaction

Subedi, Kishor Public Libraries in Pokhara Valley: their servces and users' satisfaction., 2010 Master Degree thesis, Tribhuvan University. [Thesis]

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Public library is a busy centre where people of all ages can seek and find knowledge from books and other materials. It is also a place where the experiences of the past can meet the needs of the present. So, it helps to develop the local community as well as country. But in our context, PLs have always been beyond the shadow. Here, the study entitled “PUBLIC LIBRARIES IN POKHARA VALLEY: THEIR SERVICES AND USERS’ SATISFACTION” has tried to study whether the PLs of Pokhara valley are supportive in providing relevant services or not, and what are the main income sources and how they are providing services to users. It covers six chapters, where the first chapter is introduction of the study. In this chapter, different sub-titles are also presented. In background of the study, simply types of libraries; definitions, functions and services of PLs have been described. Services, income sources and standard of PLs in Pokhara valley are presented as the statement of problems. To find out present status, income sources, services and users‟ satisfaction of them have been presented in objectives of the study. This study is limited only the study of six PLs in Pokhara valley of Kaski district. And also it studies only services, income sources, and users‟ satisfaction. The second chapter is review of literature which reviews on the relevant topic. Literature on PLs, their services, PLs in Nepal, PLs in Pokhara valley have been reviewed from sixteen different books, journals articles, websites etc. The third chapter is focus of the study where PLs in Nepal and especially PLs in Pokhara valley are discussed. Chapter four is research methodology where research design, source of data, population of the study, sampling procedure, data collection procedure and data analysis procedure are included. Selected PLs of Pokhara valley, staffs and their users are the population of this study. The sampling method is being used to select the librarie which is done on the basis of purposive non-probability sampling method and users are selected on the basis of convenience non-probability sampling method. Primary and secondary data are used for the study and the data were collected through observation, interview and questionnaire. One check list and two different types of questionnaires for staffs and users where twenty-seven questions (in total) were designed for fact finding. In chapter five, data are presented and analysed using percentage. The data are categorized in three groups. Data are tabulated wherever vi necessary. Relevant data are presented in the same table to make the comparison and analysis easier. By the analysis of the respondents‟ shows that Pokhara Public Library (PPL) is largest PLs in terms of collection and users which has 10691 collections. PLs at Pokhara Valley, other than PPL have not professional staffs. Only around 50% users got the service regarding use of library on an average. There is low users‟ satisfaction as opening hour is not suitable for 40% users. Only around 50% users are satisfied from the library materials available to them. In the sixth chapter, summary, conclusion and recommendation of the study are presented. The finding of the study shows that all PLs of Pokhara valley are providing poor services to users. Among them PPL is providing services better than others. All PLs of Pokhara valley have not met the standard as prescribed by UNESCO. Library orientation class should be provided to new users, all PLs of Pokhara valley should prepare library catalogue, funding through district/ Municipality level should be made available, etc. have been recommended by the study.

Item type: Thesis (UNSPECIFIED)
Keywords: Library services;Public libraries; Nepal; Pokhara
Subjects: D. Libraries as physical collections. > DD. Academic libraries.
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