Library publishing services: An investigation into open access publishing in academic libraries

Lawson, Stuart Library publishing services: An investigation into open access publishing in academic libraries., 2013 MA thesis thesis, University of Brighton (United Kingdom). [Thesis]

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The aim of this research is to investigate whether it is feasible for a UK university to publish its research output itself through an open access library publishing service. It achieves this by undertaking a qualitative study at one institution, Anglia Ruskin University. It identifies the scholarly communication needs of the institution and its academics, and evaluates whether a library publishing service meets these needs. It also assesses the potential level of support for such a service within the university and recommends actions to take. The literature review explores the idea of library publishing and places this research in a wider context. Given that the policy context in the UK is putting increasing pressure on researchers to publish open access, this dissertation examines whether creating a library publishing service is a good way for an institution to facilitate this. This is a qualitative study consisting of five semi-structured interviews which were transcribed, coded and analysed. The results show mixed support for open access because although researchers support it in principle, they are unwilling to change their practices if they think that doing so might harm their reputation. One of the primary needs that they have from the scholarly communication process is to perform well in the REF. Other needs identified by this research include: being seen by one's peers; having access to an appropriate range and scope of publication outlets; a strong quality control process governed by peer review; and support with managing the publication and post-publication process. A library publishing service can meet these needs as long as it is designed with them in mind. Existing library publishing services can be used as a guide to best practice. In answer to the aim of the research: creating a library publishing service at Anglia Ruskin University is feasible and could provide a valuable service to the university and its researchers. The question of whether there is sufficient support for such as service among academics at Anglia Ruskin University is still uncertain and requires further research to answer. The recommendations for Anglia Ruskin University are: to create a research support post in the library, to conduct a survey of academic staff to further investigate the level of support for library publishing, and to initiate a journal hosting service.

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Keywords: library publishing, open access
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