Use of University’s Library Websites in Pakistan: An Evaluation

Mairaj, Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Use of University’s Library Websites in Pakistan: An Evaluation. Pakistan Journal of Information Management and Libraries, 2013, vol. 14, n. 1. [Journal article (Unpaginated)]

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Vol. 14 (2013) PJLIS PAKISTAN JOURNAL OF LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE 3 Use o f University’s Library Websites i n Pakistan: An Evaluation Dr. Muhammad I jaz M airaj Librar i a n , University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. Email: This study presents findings from a user - based evaluation of the use of Pakistani university’s library websites. A questionnaire [printed and electronic] was used to collect the data from 17 universities. A p urposive sample of 60 users from each university based on their academic role difference [faculty, researchers, graduates and undergraduates] was drawn. The findings of the study show that use of university library websites in Pakistan was satisfactory. Patrons wh o frequently used the Internet and library were found as frequent users of the library websites. University websites were found to be vital sources of awareness about the presence of the library websites and computers physically available at the university libraries were the significant places to use the library websites. Regarding users’ academic role difference, faculty connected to the library websites from departments/faculties, while researchers and students preferred to use them from university librar ies. The library websites were mainly used to find course - related materials or search in online public access catalogue (OPAC). However, on the basis of users’ academic role difference, faculty used the library websites to search in Higher Education Commi ssion (HEC) Digital Library offering international scholarly literature; researchers accessed them to search in OPAC, while students preferred them to find course - related materials. The study recommends creating dynamic websites in all university libraries of Pakistan with useful content and state - of - the - art services for wider use.

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Keywords: University library; University library website; Library website use; Library user; Pakistan .
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