Borders of Human Being

Plochberger, Franz Borders of Human Being., 2010 [Report]

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Informatics in technical reality is coming nearer and nearer to the "biological" human being. It seems to be necessary to protect humans against excessive demands by hardware of Cyber world and especially against computers as machines and their software. The human being as evolutional species on one side is measured in a very long development time of thousands of years, the IT on the other side works with human creativity and in much faster time intervals of some years or - maximal - decenniums only. These times show a big difference in both areas. The execution-times of the biological human being and his general surroundings on one hand and the IT with her applications – in electronic speeds - on the other hand are an outstanding conflict of time. Humans don't act like computers! The structure of this work is given by the biological organism, but also the thinking and feeling of a human being. He has senses, instruments for movement and mental abilities as a whole. The human being in nature science is a biological object and in the human society an individual subject with own self awareness und personal intelligence. Compared with all living subjects he has the highest developed consciousness of his own person. The modern science seems to make them unimportant. The goal of this work is, to find the biological a n d psychological borders of the human being and protect him in a preventive medical kind against coming dangers like for inst. bad stress and following sickness. Theoretical Informatics has to find out principles, rules and ways of thinking for human-orientated IT to avoid this danger. There is no demand on finding out all at once but a beginning on a scientific level is intended. This work is thought as the first foundation and compendium for all main themes of HO (Human Orientation). Besides a speciality out of biology is described new - The Rules of Mendel, a biological stimulus for informatics.

Item type: Report
Keywords: borders of the human being – the human senses – the human behaviour – human skills – Rules of Mendel - self-consciousness – feeling - intelligence – human stress
Subjects: B. Information use and sociology of information
B. Information use and sociology of information > BC. Information in society.
B. Information use and sociology of information > BD. Information society.
B. Information use and sociology of information > BF. Information policy
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