Exploring Multiple Paths using Link Utilization in Computer Networks

Aggarwal, Shalini and Upadhyaya, Shuchita Exploring Multiple Paths using Link Utilization in Computer Networks. IJCSN - International Journal of Computer Science and Network, 2016, vol. 5, n. 5. [Journal article (Unpaginated)]

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Though the speed of the Internet is increasing day-by-day, yet there is need of much higher speed. A lot of research is going on to receive any information from Internet just on a click. One way to have more efficient and robust Internet is to identify multiple paths for routing so that routers could flexibly divide traffic over these paths. Often having one or two more paths is generally enough for significant gains in terms of security, performance, and reliability of a network. However, one of the first barriers in multipath routing is to explore the multiple paths over which traffic can be diverted. The principle objective of this paper is to explore the multiple paths using link utilization factor. For this purpose a multi-path routing algorithm has been proposed that identifies multiple loop-free paths from single source to single destination using local information. The link utilizations factor used in this algorithm takes into account various metrics such as load, capacity and delay etc. The proposed technique identifies multiple paths which may not be over utilized.

Item type: Journal article (Unpaginated)
Keywords: Link Utilization, Load, Capacity, Multipath Routing
Subjects: L. Information technology and library technology > LB. Computer networking.
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Date deposited: 29 Oct 2016 02:35
Last modified: 29 Oct 2016 02:35
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