The Role of Data Mining-Based Cancer Prediction system (DMBCPS) in Cancer Awareness

Priyanga, A and Prakasam, S The Role of Data Mining-Based Cancer Prediction system (DMBCPS) in Cancer Awareness. International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Communications (IJCSEC), 2013, vol. 1, n. 1. [Journal article (Unpaginated)]

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Cancer is one of the major problem today, diagnosing cancer in earlier stage is still challenging for doctors. Breast cancer is one of the major death causing diseases of the women today all over the world. Every year more than million women are diagnosed with breast cancer worldwide over half of them will die because of the late diagnosing of the disease. So many researches have undergone for detecting the cancer based on data mining technology each approach has its own limitations. This makes us to take up this problem and to implement the Data mining based cancer prediction System (DMBCPS). We have proposed this cancer prediction system based on data mining technology. This system estimates the risk of the breast cancer in the earlier stage. This system is validated by comparing its predicted results with patient’s prior medical information and it was analyzed by using weka system. The main aim of this model is to provide the earlier warning to the users, and it is also cost efficient to the user.

Item type: Journal article (Unpaginated)
Keywords: Data Mining,Cancer Prediction,DMBCPS,K-NN algorithm
Subjects: L. Information technology and library technology > LN. Data base management systems.
Depositing user: Dr BP Lakshmi
Date deposited: 21 Nov 2016 08:34
Last modified: 21 Nov 2016 08:34


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