Effectiveness of training intervention to improve medical student’s information literacy skills

Abdekhoda, Mohammadhiwa and Dehnad, Afsaneh and Yousefi, Mahmood Effectiveness of training intervention to improve medical student’s information literacy skills., 2016 [Preprint]

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This study aimed to assess the efficiency of delivering a 4-month course of “effective literature search” among medical postgraduate students for improving information literacy skills. This was a cross-sectional study in which 90 postgraduate students were randomly selected and participated in 12 training sessions. Effective search strategies were presented and the students’ attitude and competency concerning online search were measured by a pre- and post-questionnaires and skill tests. Data were analyzed by SPSS version 16 using t-test. There was a significant improvement (p=0.00), in student’s attitude. The mean (standard deviation [SD]) was 2.9 (0.8) before intervention versus the mean (SD) 3.9 (0.7) after intervention. Students’ familiarity with medical resources and databases improved significantly. The data showed a significant increase (p=0.03), in students’ competency score concerning search strategy design and conducting a search. The mean (SD) was 2.04 (0.7) before intervention versus the mean (SD) 3.07 (0.8) after intervention. Also, students’ ability in applying search and meta search engine improved significantly. This study clearly acknowledges that the training intervention provides considerable opportunity to improve medical student’s information literacy skills.

Item type: Preprint
Keywords: Education, Online search, Information literacy, Medical students, Health services
Subjects: B. Information use and sociology of information
C. Users, literacy and reading. > CE. Literacy.
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Last modified: 16 Jan 2017 14:53
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