Sa, Manoj Kumar and Barik, Nilaranjan and Nikhandia, Pradip Kumar . DOES FACEBOOK BRING IMPACT AND INFLUENCE UPON ACADEMIC AND RESEARCH COMMUNITY OF KIIT UNIVERSITY? A STUDY., 2016 In: Marching Beyond Libraries Role of Social Media & Networking. Overseas Press, New Delhi, pp. 113-119. [Book chapter]


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The use of Facebook has become very popular among all categories of people, more particularly among teachers, students or research scholars of different institutions all around the world. It has its impact on our day to day life to professional life. Beyond our day to day overloaded work pressure and assignment, sometimes, we like to talk and share with our friends and colleagues, and Facebook is the best platform we prefer to talk and share and stay connected with our friends and colleagues for some non-academic and academic interest in the form of scholarly communication as well. This paper attempts to discover the influence of Facebook upon the academic and research performance of faculty members of KIIT University. Basing upon the objectives of this research, a well-structured online questionnaire was prepared and mailed to 165 faculty members of five different schools carrying 33 respondents from each school, out of which, only 133 filled in questionnaires were returned to us. The received data were exported into excel sheet and processed for analysis and interpretation. Some statistical methods like mean, percentage were used for final presentation of the results. It was found that maximum number faculty members were influence by Facebook on their academic activities such as for virtual meeting with co-faculty & students.

Item type: Book chapter
Keywords: Social networking, Facebook, KIIT University, Academic and research performance
Subjects: C. Users, literacy and reading. > CA. Use studies.
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Date deposited: 21 Mar 2017 02:09
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