La revista científica: un breve recorrido histórico

Borrego, Ángel . La revista científica: un breve recorrido histórico., 2017 In: Revistas científicas: situación actual y retos de futuro. Universitat de Barcelona, pp. 19-34. [Book chapter]

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English abstract

This chapter presents a historical analysis of scientific journals since they first appeared 350 years ago and examines the various stages: the very first journals, scientific specialization, post-WWII publications and the situation today. The functions of the scientific journal were firmly established at the outset and have remained virtually unchanged since. In addition to serving as a channel for disseminating scientific findings among the research community, journals immediately took on the role of recording observations to allow authors to claim priority for discoveries and to prove the scientific nature of their content through the peer review process. Throughout history numerous modifications have been made to the scientific communication system, although these have had no fundamental impact on the purpose of journals. On the one hand, the marketing of scientific journals has changed substantially; once exclusively the domain of scientific societies, it has now passed into the hands of commercial publishers. In recent years, moreover, we have witnessed the emergence of new business models in which open access is set to play a role.

Spanish abstract

Para entender las razones del nacimiento y posterior consolidación de la revista científica como principal canal de comunicación de la ciencia, es necesario comprender el contexto histórico en el que aparecen. En el Renacimiento, durante los siglos xv y xvi, se produce en Europa una «revolución científica» que sienta las bases de la ciencia moderna (Navarro, 2007, p. 239-300). En este periodo, las personas interesadas por el conocimiento científico —los «filósofos de la naturaleza», natural philosophers— comienzan a abogar por el uso del método científico de investigación y la observación directa de la naturaleza como fuente de conocimiento. En palabras de Francis Bacon (1620), «for we are not to imagine or suppose, but to discover, what nature does or may be made to do».

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