Instrumento para la medición de la ciencia y la tecnología en la gestión de la información institucional. Caso de estudio

Rodriguez Font, Reinaldo Javier and López-Huertas, María José and Díaz Pérez, Maidelyn and Rivero Amador, Soleidy Instrumento para la medición de la ciencia y la tecnología en la gestión de la información institucional. Caso de estudio. Palabra Clave (La Plata), 2017, vol. 7, n. 1. [Journal article (Paginated)]

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English abstract

Over the past 10 years, Information Systems Curricular, have become significant tools in theapplication of measurement instruments management of science and technology at theinstitutional and regional levels. This research focuses on the development of a measuring instrument for the management of science and technology at the institutional level, the proposalis aided by empirical analysis of this activity at the University of Pinar del Rio (Cuba). IntegralManagement System Institutional Information and Knowledge (CV-UPR), developed byspecialists of this university is used as a tool. The research part of the identification of thetheoretical and conceptual references that support the proposal, by the method of documentaryanalysis. Furthermore it helps the empirical method of observation, and surveys and interviewsand empirical techniques. The instrument provides precise values obtained and further performscomparisons between a set of variables identified. Evaluative analysis performed by calculating asystem of indicators allowed to identify the capabilities of the institution for the generation,dissemination and evaluation of information and institutional knowledge in the management process of science and technology level institutional.

Item type: Journal article (Paginated)
Keywords: Curriculum vitae, Indicadores de ciencia y tecnología, Sistemas de información curricular, Gestión de información, Gestión del conocimiento, Universidades
Subjects: B. Information use and sociology of information
F. Management.
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