Student Satisfaction with a Web-based Collaborative Work Platform

Olvera-Lobo, María-Dolores and J.Robinson, Bryan and Senso, Jose A. Student Satisfaction with a Web-based Collaborative Work Platform. Perspectives Studies in Translatology, 2017, vol. 15, n. 2, pp. 106-122. [Journal article (Paginated)]


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English abstract

The present paper analyses the results of a research study on translation students’ satisfaction and perceived improvement of their computer, tele- and teamworking skills by using Basic Support Cooperative Work (BSCW) software. The data were obtained from questionnaires given before and after taking part in the project. Results have proven the suitability of BSCW for telework training. The students’ opinions about teamwork are now more positive and they feel more confident about their computer and translation skills. Student satisfaction is almost unanimous.

Item type: Journal article (Paginated)
Keywords: virtual classroom, teleworking, teamworking, satisfaction, translation process
Subjects: L. Information technology and library technology
Depositing user: Maria Dolores/ M.D. Olvera Lobo
Date deposited: 26 Jul 2018 07:49
Last modified: 26 Jul 2018 07:49


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