Big Data: The Next Big Opportunity for Librarians

Sengupta, Shantashree Big Data: The Next Big Opportunity for Librarians., 2016 . In ICCLIST 2016, New Delhi,India, 15.1.2016. [Conference paper]


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Big data includes data sets with sizes beyond the ability of commonly used software tools to capture, curate, manage, and process data within a specific time period. Due to its widespread presence in recent times, librarians need to know the basics of Big Data and how it can impact academic research. The implications of big data are not only limited to research but to daily working of library professionals. The present paper details the concept of big data and how it can be beneficial in the field of librarianship.

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: Big Data, Librarianship, Big Data Curation, Big Data Tools
Subjects: I. Information treatment for information services
L. Information technology and library technology
Depositing user: Dr. Shantashree Sengupta
Date deposited: 21 Apr 2019 03:00
Last modified: 21 Apr 2019 03:00


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