Analysis of the Italian Biomedical and Veterinary Serial Publications: Remarks About the International Visibility

De Robbio, Antonella and Mozzati, Paola and Lazzari, Luigina and Maguolo, Dario and Bozzano, Antonella and Ferri, Cristina and Gradito, Paola Analysis of the Italian Biomedical and Veterinary Serial Publications: Remarks About the International Visibility., 2002 . In 8th European Conference of Medical and Health Libraries, Cologne (Germany), 16- 21 September 2002.. [Conference poster]


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English abstract

Within the scope of the project “Creation of a Databank on the biomedical Publications in Italy” financed by the Italian Ministry of Health and announced during the recent Workshop EAHIL 2001 which took place in Alghero, the team has taken a census of the Italian serial publications in the veterinary and biomedical field since 1995 up to now. In order to detect the single journal heads, the team has referred to the bibliographical indexes (such as ISSN, Ulrich, The Italian Periodical publications Catalogue, BNI, CASSI, Serfile) as well as the national collective catalogues (such as ACNP, SBN e PEB). The data collected so far have been input in a database, thus being checked with the co-operation of publishers and librarians. Furthermore, for each single publication, each subject area covered as well as the type of user has been under analysis. Once the body of the Italian journals has been identified, the presence within the most remarkable international databanks of this field and their level of coverage (cover to cover or selective) has been examined. As a result, not even half of the Italian journals has proved to be indexed by the databanks. Indeed, the team has deemed it vital to compare the parameters adopted between the journals indexed and the whole body of the Italian journals and, when necessary, on the basis of a statistically identified sample. The parameters to be examined are the following ones: • Language (title and abstract in English) • Scientific or editorial commitee (either national or international) • Publisher • Frequency of publication and regularity of a journal • The access to the TOC, abstract and full-text in internet • ISSN The analysis of the above-mentioned parameters allows to identify the journal heads which show adequate standards to be input in the databank, which is the sheer object of the project, and which actually comply to the conditions to share an international visibility. At the same time it is possible, indeed, to detect viable plans to adjust those publications which do not conform to those parameters.

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I. Information treatment for information services > IE. Data and metadata structures.
D. Libraries as physical collections. > DK. Health libraries, Medical libraries.
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