Research Performance of National Institute of Technology Rourkela: A Scientometric Analysis

Bijayananda, Pradhan and Ramesh, Kuri and Kunwar, Singh and Gireesh Kumar, T. K. and Pritam Kumar, Pati Research Performance of National Institute of Technology Rourkela: A Scientometric Analysis. Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal), 2020, vol. 4397, pp. 1-19. [Journal article (Paginated)]

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English abstract

Scientometric studies are useful tools for measuring the scientific and technological progress that cannot be directly measured. Various scientometric indicators are used as analytical tools to perform such assessments. This study performed a scientometric analysis on the research publications of National Institute of Technology, Rourkela from 2000 to 2019 as reflected in the Scopus Database. The study analyzed different aspects of research productivity for 9233 publications and identified 2018 as the most productive year with a publication of 1339 research papers and 102692 citations for all publications with an average of 11.12 citations per paper. The majority of the papers have double authorship patterns, and the degree of collaboration and collaborative co-efficient is apparent with a total of 0.97 and 0.61, respectively. Study identified Mahapatra, S. S as the most productive author with 295 articles and 5650 citations and the "Core/shell nanoparticles: classes, properties, synthesis mechanisms, characterization, and applications" by Ghosh Chaudhuri R Paria S. published in Chemical Reviews of 2012 is the most highly cited (2045) paper and 'IOP Conference Series Material Science and Engineering' is the topmost preferred source of publication.

Item type: Journal article (Paginated)
Keywords: Scientometric analysis, Authorship pattern, Subject domain, Scientometric study, Open access, Research productivity, NIT Rourkela
Subjects: B. Information use and sociology of information > BB. Bibliometric methods
Depositing user: Dr. Gireesh Kumar T. K.
Date deposited: 04 Nov 2020 15:00
Last modified: 04 Nov 2020 15:00


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