Webrarian: A Librarian on the Web

Mohapatra, Niranjan . Webrarian: A Librarian on the Web., 2021 In: Handbook of Research on Records and Information Management Strategies for Enhanced Knowledge Coordination. IGI Global, pp. 458-470. [Book chapter]

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This paper presenting the current tends of Library on the web and the importance of the Librarian in the Web-Library as a Webrarian (Web-Librarian). In the modern technological era, Ranganathan's laws may be extended to the Web using information and communication technology. When we applied the fundamental laws of Library Science to the Web, then the Professional responsibilities and duties of a Librarian will be encouraged to manage the Web and serve the web users. An idea of the joint venture has been creating another platform for the both and the initiative is a library on the Web which is well known as a Web-Library. Mostly libraries have their web sites to organize information and resources and provide access to its users for the collections of quality resources. The role of librarians is to adopt the Web Technology into the profession of librarianship. Librarians have been induced by technological developments to become more efficient as organizers, indexers, abstractors, archivers on the web and then a librarian on the web will be known as a webrarian

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Keywords: Web-Library, Web-Librarian
Subjects: J. Technical services in libraries, archives, museum.
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