Exploring the role of Medical Decision Making in biotechnology field through science mapping

Castorena-Robles, Andrea and Gamboa-Rosales, Nadia-Karina and Faz-Mendoza, Alberto and Casas-Valadez, Mariano-Alberto and Medina-Rodríguez, César-Esau and López-Robles, José-Ricardo Exploring the role of Medical Decision Making in biotechnology field through science mapping., 2020 . In The 2020 International Conference on Decision Aid Sciences and Applications (DASA'20), Bahrain (online), 8th – 9th November 2020. (Unpublished) [Presentation]

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Biotechnology is defined as science that uses living organisms to enhance the human life and the environment. However, it's not a new science as many people think. The first Biotechnology product registered is the cheese, and since then it has been part of daily life. Likewise, there are many genes related with cancer that contain SNPs, which are the most common variation in the human genome. The SNPs are found in genes related to important functions such as metabolism. However, these variations can cause amino acid substitution, leading to a malformation in the second structure of the protein, affecting its functions and interactions. Biotechnology field has increased exponentially during the last years. With this the knowledge of medicine has expanded, as well. In Biotechnology is important the management of information and its organization for a correct investigation. This leads to the creation of data-base companies, which make easier the information management. In this research, Medical Decision Making and Biotechnology through science mapping have been analyzed using bibliometric tools, in order to explore the scientific productivity and compare important aspect to consider in scientific research. Furthermore, to understand its importance in Medical Decision Support Systems, Genetics and Reproduction, Drug Industry, and Clinical Practice and Research.

Item type: Presentation
Keywords: biotechnology; decision models; medical decision making; strategic intelligence; competitive intelligence; business intelligence; science mapping
Subjects: G. Industry, profession and education.
H. Information sources, supports, channels.
Depositing user: J.R. López-Robles
Date deposited: 15 Feb 2021 09:53
Last modified: 15 Feb 2021 09:53
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10760/41775


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