Infotherapy and Bibliotherapy: Alternative Medicine

Noruzi, Alireza Infotherapy and Bibliotherapy: Alternative Medicine., 2021 [Preprint]


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This descriptive study explains the treatment of mental, psychological, emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorders and issues through the extraordinary power of the brain (mind) and human thinking based on the four communication skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) that lead to the design of four types of therapy, namely hearing therapy, speech therapy, reading therapy, and writing therapy. In fact, the abovementioned four skills are the mental and intellectual skills of a literate person. One of these four types of therapy is "reading therapy" (reading the recorded knowledge of specialists and others who encountered the same issues and problems. Reading therapy is the subject of discussion between the two disciplines of Library and Information Science, and Psychology, especially counseling psychology. It is also called "book therapy" or "bibliotherapy". This study begins with a brief review of the history of bibliotherapy and infotherapy; continues with a discussion of some approaches to infotherapy (clinical and developmental); then addresses the four basic stages of infotherapy (identification, catharsis, insight, and universalisation); and finally discusses benefits of infotherapy. This study suggests that infotherapy is a potentially powerful method for psychologists, librarians, school teachers and counselors to use on many levels. It is also suggested that infotherapy can be used as an alternative to, or complementary to mainstream medicine.

Item type: Preprint
Keywords: Infotherapy, Bibliotherapy, Alternative Medicine, Information, Therapy
Subjects: C. Users, literacy and reading. > CF. Reading and story telling.
Depositing user: Dr. Alireza Noruzi
Date deposited: 20 Mar 2021 22:03
Last modified: 20 Mar 2021 22:03


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