From dusty storage to library without walls : librarian in Wonderland

Madacki, Saša From dusty storage to library without walls : librarian in Wonderland., 2001 . In American Library Association Annual Conference (2001 : San Francisco), San Francisco (USA), 14-20 June, 2001. [Conference paper]

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One sentence by Robert R Janes was the first one that came to my mind when I was thinking how to begin this paper in order to describe the journey we have passed from dusty storage to library without walls. He said that Canada's major museums are standing on the edge of a cliff, holding hands and peering over the edge. Glenbow(Museum) is part of the group, but just put on a parachute and jumped. Everyone else is still standing at the edge, both terrified and elated at the act, and the possibilities. Not only that Sarajevo Human Rights Center Library put on a parachute and jumped, but we did it fast, without too much contemplating and thinking about it. All what we were aware of was that inevitable change will affect us anyway. Of course, no one could know what was under the dark clouds around a cliff. Still, we had three extremely important things: dedication, faith and hope. After getting on the ground we started to walk through rocky path, and now we are in a mountain oasis. For sure some of us will return and bring good news to others who are still waiting on the edge. For sure. Here I will speak about our adventure.

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: human rights, special libraries
Subjects: I. Information treatment for information services
B. Information use and sociology of information
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Date deposited: 13 Oct 2003
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