Entre lembrar e esquecer 20 anos depois: memórias

Zafalon, Zaira and Prado, Samanta . Entre lembrar e esquecer 20 anos depois: memórias., 2020 Intertexto Editora Ltda – ME. [Book]

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English abstract

The sharing of individual memories for the testiture of collective memory is an argument so that, in the face of the socialization of experiences, the references of identity and belonging to a group. This theme affects us! When we set out to bring to life the dialectic of remembering and forgetting thought in a memoir. This book, therefore, is the result of the invitation made to awaken this mutual “look back” to (re)remember partnerships, experiences, celebrations, that is, to (re)build the collective, the social, the institutional. The reader will discover, with material, that, even having been from memories the time of a lived perspective, that, from the same past, memories were the time of a perspective, that were from a lived evaluation, which was from a past the look of a lived perspective criticism, and who directs the reading on what was remembered so that such narrated social experiences are known.

Portuguese abstract

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Keywords: Lembrar Esquecer Memórias
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