Revealing a new Dynamic: Interaction in an Open Access Archive

Hitchcock, Steve Revealing a new Dynamic: Interaction in an Open Access Archive., 2002 . In 1st Open Archives Forum Workshop, Pisa (Italy), may 2002. [Conference paper]


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English abstract

The talk will show that open access works for authors and users, and reveals some new aspects of the social life of an eprint archive. Illustrating software and services developed as part of the Open Citation Project, and using data from our associated studies of arXiv user behaviour, it will be shown that a new 'dynamic', the speed of interaction between users, becomes evident when access to full resources is free, open and unrestricted. This is important for all those who are building open archives, and for those who are tentatively moving towards building open archives (e.g. the biomedical community).

Item type: Conference paper
Keywords: Open Citation Project, ArXiv
Subjects: L. Information technology and library technology
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Date deposited: 03 Apr 2004
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