Open Archives Initiatives Protocol for Metadata Harvesting - Practices for the cultural heritage sector

Foulonneau, Muriel Open Archives Initiatives Protocol for Metadata Harvesting - Practices for the cultural heritage sector., 2003 . In 4th. Open Archives Forum, Bath (UK), September 2003. [Presentation]


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The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for metadata harvesting underlies an organisational model with data providers, service providers and aggregators. In the context of cultural heritage actors, those aggregators can represent an opportunity to match the missing competences in small institutions which need to expose their metadata. Indeed, the protocol can organise value-added services based on the material created in memory organisations for ages to describe their asset. It can be used to make their resources accessible on the Web, to let other institutions set up cross-institutions and possibly cross-domain services, to allow their data to be re-used in various contexts. It is also becoming a standard way to exchange XML formatted data and to synchronise repositories for downstream services such as name authorities. Still, the protocol does not remove the interoperability barriers and issues on metadata quality, on heterogeneous original descriptions, organisational issues such as data update, integrated access to aggregated and heterogeneous resources must be dealt with, within a proper partnership between data providers and the service provider. The conditions of use, guarantees of quality on metadata, content, service and data provider's Websites shall be included in an agreement, whether a charter or a proper contract to ensure responsibilities of each partner, quality of its performances and legal issues related to cultural heritage content. The development of OAI-based services in the cultural heritage sector seems to be led by several key services funded to set up a proper OAI framework. It appears easier for the service provider to directly set up an aggregator for those institutions for smaller institutions, with poor competences in ICTs. Still, many areas and subjects are still to be tested, such as the use of OAI with large schemas, services based on data re-use, mixing information retrieval through both full text and metadata… especially, the management of aggregated resources is a challenge to service provider since they do not control the evolution of their collections. The Community report on practices the Open Archives Initiative of Metadata Harvesting by cultural heritage actors is available on the OAForum Website It studies the conditions for memory organisations to use the protocol, what they can do with it, the issues to take into account and the solutions already implemented or being considered.

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